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Connection to TMS, ERP, WMS

Integration of dimensioners to your system

The first concern during the transition to automatic dimensioning is integration to existing software systems. The reason for this concern lies in the past. Laser-based dimensioners do not possess strong processing capabilities and their only job is to output cubing data. You would need an intermediate computer or software to get data, convert it according to your needs and send to your database. State-of-the-art dimensioners such as BeeVision have already powerful processors inside. Thanks to these processors, they remove the need to for intermediate software and can directly talk to TMS, WMS or any other system.

IoT: Web service API

We are in the era of internet-of-things (IoT). Your refrigerator can talk to other machines using your internet, why not your dimensioner? BeeVision dimensioner has been designed according to latest IoT standards to enable it to talk to any other system easily. Using its web user interface, you can perform measurements or calibration from your tablet or phone.

Integration to your product

With web service API of BeeVision, you can integrate BeeVision dimensioner to your product only in a couple of minutes in any programming language. Our team can provide you support on integration free of charge!