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BeeVision Provides Aramex with Innovative "BeeSort" Parcel Sorter Systems

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates , Dec. 1, 2023 -- BeeVision, a leading warehouse automation provider, announces today that will be implementing its 'BeeSort' Parcel Sorter System across several hubs for Aramex, a leading global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions. Aramex will be using the BeeSort system to increase automation across its express hubs in 9 different locations in Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.

Leveraging advanced AI algorithms, BeeSort warehouse sorter ensures precise identification, tracking, and sorting of packages with speed and reliability, and ultimately improving customer satisfaction. Through the offerings of BeeVision, Aramex will have increased agility and scalability in its express hubs to ensure customer expectations are met, while maintaining operational efficiency. The AI-powered and cloud-connected BeeSort sorter will bring a new level of automation and intelligence to Aramex's express operations.

Through the cloud connectivity of BeeSort parcel sortation system, Aramex will be able to monitor real-time data and insights, providing instant access to valuable operational analytics and performance metrics, allowing the logistics company to make data-driven decisions and identify areas for optimization.

"Aramex has been the pioneer in providing innovation to courier business. BeeSort sorter system offers unique features such as AI-based package type detection, real volume calculation and real time statistics. We are happy to see that our cloud-connected BeeSort is helping Aramex scale their warehouse operations and focus on their growth." says Onur AndiƧ, co-founder of BeeVision.

"We are thrilled to announce that Aramex is embracing innovation in a select number of our express warehouses with the implementation of the BeeSort system. By integrating this advanced technology, we aim to revolutionize our operations and deliver unparalleled efficiency in sorting packages. The BeeSort system will enhance our capacity to handle a large volume of shipments, ensuring faster processing times and improved customer satisfaction. Aramex remains committed to leveraging cutting-edge solutions to redefine the logistics industry and provide seamless experiences for our valued customers worldwide," said Raad Kattoura, Global Director - Middle Mile at Aramex.

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