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Data transfer with API

Why are API integrations important to your company?

API (Application Programming Interface) is used for the integration of different machines or software systems. API integrations ensure that services are built on strong infrastructure and run smoothly.

An API is an interface that enables the capabilities of a platform to be used externally within permissible limitations. Your applications must talk to each other to get the full benefit from them.

There are many complexities that integration can solve, but what are the benefits? If done right, integration provides operational high value.

  • Automate Data Capture: APIs help you build a data capture system. Rather than manually entering data into your software systems, an API integration will make this process seamless and instantaneous.
  • Access any data from anywhere: Integration tools deployed across environments provide access to any type of data in any format from any system.
  • Solve 'endpoint individuality': Every application has its unique features that must be accounted for in any integration: error handling, authentication protocols, load management, and more. Integration tools that treat these factors as "out-of-the-box" provide enormous productivity gains and greater enterprise-class flexibility over coding.
  • Let integrators focus on integration: Purposeful tools can help integrators focus less on infrastructure and more on building business logic. A pre-built integration tool handles fault recovery, log capture, message monitoring, and operational update, enabling users to create further integration flows without requiring deep knowledge of various platforms and domains.

When it comes to deploying dimensioning systems and sorters, the most feared part is the integration. At BeeVision, we strive for making integration as easy as possible for you, and with BeeHive Cloud System, we even provide pre-built integrations. Let’s take a look at what we offer with our API:

  • Security matters: BeeVision dimensioning system and sorter API supports the following authentications:
    • Basic Authentication
    • OAuth Token Authentication
  • Image data: BeeVision pallet dimensioners and other dimensioning systems can push the images of freights via API. You can also select to upload image data to a different web server address.
  • Auto-tracking of sharing status: BeeVision dimensioning systems keep track of whether the data is successfully sent to your system or not. Network failures occur from time to time. BeeVision dimensioners will automatically retry to send the data upon a failure. This makes sure that operators do not have to check the network connection.

BeeVision sorters and dimensioning systems are coupled with BeeHive Cloud Platform. BeeHive offers OCR and container packing optimization services as well as ready-to-use integrations with other 3rd parties WMS or ERPs.

There are currently 4 different API services in BeeHive: Text Detection, Measurement, ShipStation, and ShipHero.

  • With the Text Detection API, you can directly push the outputs of the OCR tests to the endpoint you specify.
  • With the Measurement API, you can transfer and see all your parcel and pallet measurement results directly from BeeHive. BeeVision dimensioning systems send the data to BeeHive and BeeHive pushes the data to your system from a single source.
  • With the ShipHero API, you can export your dimensioning system data directly to your ShipHero account. - ShipHero is a cloud-based multi-channel inventory and warehouse management solution aimed at merchants and Third-Party Logistics (3PL) providers.
  • With the ShipStation API, you can transfer all your data in BeeHive to your ShipStation account in the same way. - ShipStation is a web-based shipping platform that helps businesses manage their small parcel shipping and e-commerce fulfillment.

If you are using another web-based WMS or ERP system, let us know and we’ll implement the integration for you in BeeHive. Hence, you would not need to do any integration. With BeeHive, you can increase your warehouse efficiency by 30%.

You can visit our website to get information about our products. - For detailed information, please drop an email to info@beevision.ai