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Don't want to take little bumps, ropes into account

Advantages of real volume dimensioning

An object with bulging sides naturally takes up more space than its original shape and it is expected that it is charged for a higher cost. However, what happens if a fragment of label or tape sticks out from one of the sides? Is it reasonable to get charged or charge more just for a tiny tape? BeeVision dimensioner is the solution to this problem.

Real volume calculation

In addition to minimum bounding box calculation, BeeVision dimensioners can calculate the real volume of objects within a fraction of a second. In real volume data, volume addition due to hanging tapes or ropes is minimal compared to the whole volume of the object and thus negligible. You can use real volume data to rule out wrong dimensional measurement due to insignificant fragments sticking out from your package or pallet.

Multiple object measurement at once

Multiple packages shipped to one customer is a very common situation in logistics. With real volume calculation feature of BeeVision, you can measure the dimensional weight of multiple packages at once providing you the sum of dimensional weights of all packages, instead of measuring them one by one. This can save you a tremendous amount of time.