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Integration with Dimensiong Systems

How to deploy dimensioner with zero integration effort

As BeeVision, we attach great importance to integrated systems. BeeHive cloud platform is designed as a versatile hub to offer pre-built integrations for your warehouse automation systems.

Dimensioner a.k.a. Cubiscan

What is cubiscan?

The process of billing freights has undergone some significant changes in recent years. In past years, metering and billing for cargo logistics was a very simple task; the customer was charged based on the weight of the shipment. As time and technology advanced, the method of shipping cost calculation has shifted to measuring length x width x height.

Move from Cubiscan

BeeVision vs. Cubiscan: How to make a transition from Cubiscan to BeeVision

BeeVision started its journey with dimensioning systems and sortation systems. For BeeVision, it has always been a priority to provide technological convenience to the customers in its products. With the help of AI and optional cloud services, it aims to help customers expand their business by automating and streamlining their inventory and shipping processes.

Benefits of Automation

5 Important Benefits of Warehouse Automation for Your Company

It seems like everyone is talking about warehouse automation these days, from concerns about the potential for robots and automation to take over once human-led processes, to businesses eager to take advantage of the productivity gains promised by the latest automated technologies. Dimensioning systems and sorters are seen as pillars of warehouse automation. The rise of warehouse automation has many possible implications.

Data and Fullfilment

Importance of Data in Warehouse Automation

The word "data", which we have heard from many different angles recently, is of great importance for companies. The fact that companies that understand and process data correctly in the digital age are more successful cannot be ignored. In the long run, experts predict that it will change the nature of most economic activities. It should be taken into account that companies that can easily adapt to be data-driven will gain a great advantage over their competitors. Especially in the logistics sector, data usage is very important in terms of anticipating customer behavior and improving efficiency overall.

Seamless Integration with API

Why are API integrations important to your company?

API (Application Programming Interface) is used for the integration of different machines or software systems. API integrations ensure that services are built on strong infrastructure and run smoothly.

Legal-for-Trade Dimensioning Systems

3 Reasons Why You Must Have a Certified Dimensioning Systems

The concept of legal-for-trade (LFT) certificates for dimensioning systems is a topic that is much talked about but is less known by the users. In this blog, we will try to shed light upon legal-for-trade certifications: when they are needed and what to pay attention to in an LFT certification for BeeVision devices, a.k.a. dimensioners or dimensioning devices.

Get to know about dimensioners

What is a dimensioner?

Dimensioner is a tool to measure volume and dimensions of an object, most particularly of parcels and pallets. Companies that provide or acquire logistic services use dimensioners to calculate the shipping charge of freights based on their dimensions. Dimensioners are usually accompanied by scales in order to measure the weights of freights.

Introducing 4th Gen of Dimensioners

AI-Powered Dimensioning

We at BeeVision strive for providing state-of-the-art dimensioning devices. We categorize dimensioners into 4 different generations depending on the used technology.

Get to know the limits of your dimensioner

How 3D dimensioners work

3D vision-based dimensioners are becoming more popular thanks to their cost-effectiveness and easy-to-deploy nature. As the dimensioning paradigm shifts from primitive ultrasound/infrared sensors and expensive lasers to 3D vision cubing systems, some questions may arise among users.

Why do you need to use dimensioners?

Increase your profit with dimensioners

There is on average 40% difference between the declared value and actual value of dimensional weights. Dimensioners provide you a systematic way to prevent higher-than-actual costs due to wrong dimensional data.

BeeVision: a 3D imager dimensioner

3D Imager Dimensioners vs Laser Dimensioners

Laser dimensioners have been in use for more than 20 years. They are robust and proven; however, they are very expensive and difficult to install. That is why it is quite hard for the companies to employ laser dimensioners. They have to think twice and make sure that they are profitable.

BeeVision: Master Data Collector

Increase your warehouse efficiency with dimension and weight master data

Warehouse and fleet management SW are commonly used but in order to take full advantage of efficiency-boosting SW, you need the dimension and weight master data of what you store and ship.

Transition to cubing and weighing systems

Points to check before adapting dimensioners

Are you still measuring packages or even pallets manually? With a tape measure? How do you save cubing data to your database? To perfectly control your shipping costs or revenues, you need a dimensioner. Dimensioning systems help you systematically and accuractely measure dimensions of packages and save cubing data to your WMS, TMS or ERP.


Image capture with dimensioning systems

Tracking and preventing damage claims

Current dimensioners are mostly equipped with cameras and images of products can be captured during automatic dimensioning. This provides you the oppurtunity to take pictures of incoming and outgoing products and save them either in the dimensioner or in your database as well.

Importance of cubing systems at e-commerce

E-commerce & Dimensioners

If you are running an e-commerce business, that means you are shipping at least hundreds of packages per day. Shipping charges are an important share of your costs and have direct influence on your profit. Would you not want to increase your profit up to 40%?


Don't want to take little bumps, ropes into account

Advantages of real volume dimensioning

An object with bulging sides naturally takes up more space than its original shape and it is expected that it is charged for higher cost. However, what happens if a fragment of label or tape sticks out from one of the sides of the object?


Connection to TMS, ERP, WMS

Integration of dimensioners to your system

First concern during transition to automatic dimensioning is integration to existing software systems. The reason lies in the past. Laser based dimensioners do not possess strong processing capabilities and thus their only job is to provide cubing data. You would need an intermediate computer or software to get data, convert according to your needs and send to your database.