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5 Important Benefits of Warehouse Automation for Your Company

It seems like everyone is talking about warehouse automation these days, from concerns about the potential for robots and automation to take over once human-led processes, to businesses eager to take advantage of the productivity gains promised by the latest automated technologies. Dimensioning systems and sorters are seen as pillars of warehouse automation. The rise of warehouse automation has many possible implications.

There are many benefits for companies to automate their processes. Let's talk about some of them.

  1. Elimination of Human Errors
  2. Automation systems are much easier to fix when they have bugs. As a result of the service you provide with greater accuracy, you will not hear customer complaints anymore. The truth is that when a customer buys an automation product, they do not want to further think about it. This especially should be the case for dimensioning machines or in general warehouse automation products. With dimensioning and weighing data capture automation, you can minimize the errors. In addition, since BeeVision products are certified, it makes all your measurements legal-for-trade.

  3. Efficiency optimization
  4. Nothing makes a customer happier than receiving their product sooner than expected. The best way to gain customer loyalty is to give them what they want and get it faster than they expect. All of this is facilitated and done by the high throughput capacity achieved by automation. Speed ​​has become a very important factor in the measurement processes, especially with the increasing online shopping after the pandemic. Measuring incoming products quickly and getting the results quickly is a situation that contributes to efficiency for companies. With BeeVision's fast and accurate measurement products and sorter systems, this situation will become much easier for you.

  5. Lower risk of injury
  6. In environments that rely heavily on manual labor, such as warehouses, injury is almost unavoidable, even though we try to minimize hazards to people in the workplace as much as possible. Getting injured on the job is one of the worst feelings, so avoiding it is always preferable.

  7. Accuracy Factor
  8. Speed is useful, optimization of resources is welcome, but in the storage business, accuracy is paramount. When you switch to automation, your error rate drops significantly and you can build a stronger relationship with your customers as a result. Speed ​​and optimized resource optimization are beneficial as long as it saves money, but this amount is dwarfed by the amount of money you can save as a company with 99.99% accuracy. High accuracy is converted to high revenue recovery with automation systems.

  9. Dominating Repository Content
  10. It's not just a checklist or forms to know what's in your warehouse. Thanks to the systems that examine and store for you, you can easily have a look at what is in your warehouse and control it. In addition, it saves you from the burden of what needs to be done in this regard.

BeeVision is the right product line for you to advance in the automation of your warehouse. With BeeVision dimensioning systems, you can automate your measurements and quickly keep your post-measurement data.

With BeeHive, you can collect all this data on a single platform. You can easily follow the statistics, meaning, and output of all your company measurements. You can increase your warehouse automation by up to 30%!