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Introducing 4th Gen of Dimensioners

AI-Powered Dimensioning

We at BeeVision strive for providing state-of-the-art dimensioning devices. We categorize dimensioners into 4 different generations depending on the used technology.

Generation Technology Remarks
1st Ultrasonic or Infrared Point distance measurement Objects must be aligned to the corner. Not possible to measure irregular objects.
2nd Lasers Accurate but costly. Objects must be in motion. Difficult deployment. Black objects cause problems.
3rd 3D Cameras Affordable and flexible. Not as accurate as laser-based dimensioners.
4th 3D Cameras + Machine Learning Accurate, fast, simple-to-deploy and affordable.

With the latest Volumizer software, we’ve built our algorithms and neural networks from scratch to take BeeVision’s already excellent accuracy to the next level!

The introduction of neural networks to the BeeVision dimensioners brings a breakthrough in dimensioning accuracy, delivering enhanced precision even on irregular-shaped objects.

We’ve spent the last 2 years building machine learning algorithms and feeding them excessive amount of data to create the best dimensioning device ever: accurate, easy-to-use, and also affordable. Training our machine learning algorithms teach our devices to eliminate sources of dimensioning errors resulting a non-stop improving product.

With the addition of machine learning, 3D-image-processing-based BeeVision dimensioners surpass laser-based dimensioners in accuracy and still being two-fold affordable.

We are proud to push the dimensioning to the next level and employ game-changer technologies in our products.