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Why do you need to use dimensioners?

Increase your profit with dimensioners

You might ask yourself why you would use dimensioners. The answer is actually quite simple: to track your costs systematically. Without dimensioners, your organization has incomplete information about the dimensional weight of packages that you ship or receive. High shipping costs directly reflect on your profits.

According to research our team has conveyed at customer sites, there is on average 40% difference between the declared value and actual value of dimensional weights. Dimensioners provide you a systematic way to prevent higher-than-actual costs due to wrong dimensional data.

Speed up your freight dimensioning and weighing operation

After a while, most operators stop measuring dimensions of freights with a tape measure because it is a tedious task. Even if they still do, it takes them approximately two minutes if they are fast. Using a dimensioner reduces the whole measuring and saving results process down to a fraction of a second. That is a HUGE difference if you are shipping even 100 freights per day. With the help of a dimensioner, you can increase the throughput of your facility and increase your profits.

Optimize your warehouse with cubing data

Logistics management and planning software tools are necessary these days and they boost the efficiency of the warehouse and also transportation of goods. However, to fully benefit from this technological advancements, you have to feed them with accurate dimensioning and weighing data. Wrong dimensional data causes an error during the planning process. Your freights might not simply fit to the number of trucks that your efficiency software has calculated. You might end up with not enough space in your warehouse if you do not accurately know what dimensions your freights have. Dimensioners provide you accurate data continuously and this data can be automatically shared with other software systems that in the end makes your job much easier and profitable.