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About BeeVision Warehouse Automation
About BeeVision dimensioning systems

About us

BeeVision started its journey to breathe new life into the fulfillment sector. Our goal is to facilitate warehouse operations to help companies grow rapidly by focusing on their core operations. To revolutionize warehouses, we are fully committed to incrementally developing building blocks of an end-to-end automated warehouse.

BeeVision Vision

Our Vision

BeeVision believes in an end-to-end automated warehouse system for picking, tracking, and shipping inventory orders. We see automation as a necessity to provide a safe, happy, and fast working environment in the fulfillment centers.

Our Mission

The BeeVision solutions are reinventing the operations in a warehouse by connecting every step in it with data and automation, enabling companies to make their fulfillment work smarter and faster, saving cost and increasing efficiency.

About BeeVision cubiscan dimensioning system

Why Does BeeVision Exist?

We’ve always aimed to do things a little differently at BeeVision. Since our early days, we’ve had a focus on building the most unique and satisfying workplace and products by rethinking traditional practices. We have started with dimensioning systems, and then moved on with sortation systems and other products are on the way. We expand our customers’ business by automating their inventory and shipping operations with the push of a button.

We’re committed to making automation affordable so that tedious tasks in the warehouse are no longer seen as bottlenecks and can be scaled seamlessly. We didn’t invent automation but we invented efficient, on-demand access to automation. Because technology doesn’t change the world until you make it accessible to those who need it most.

Our commitment to supporting our team and similarly our customers has helped BeeVision products spread to more than 35 countries. We care about building quality products and trusted relationships with our customers.

BeeVision Team

Our Team

BeeVision team consists of successful, visionary, and strong individuals in its field since the beginning, and continues to achieve its goals with a growing team. We like working in a fun environment and providing high quality products.