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BeeHive API

BeeHive's API Integrations

An API is an interface that enables the capabilities of a platform to be used externally within permissible limitations. Applications talk to each other by means of APIs.

Integration between systems is crucial to the speed of information exchange. Ensuring that data is seamlessly available in all systems accelerates the process.
As BeeVision, we attach great importance to integrated systems. BeeHive cloud platform is designed as a versatile hub to offer pre-built integrations for your warehouse automation systems. There are 4 important integrations in BeeHive. These are Text Detection, Measurement, ShipStation, and ShipHero and more are on the way. If you are using an online WMS, ERP or shipping management platform and want to integrate your dimensioner, just let us know!

Text Detection API

You can easily transfer the detected text (OCR results) on the images of the freights you have measured with your dimensioner to your server. BeeHive API After opening an account in BeeHive, you click on the Integrations tab and select the Text Detection API. BeeHive API After that, you just need to enter the URL of the server endpoint you want the data to be sent to, and also the username and password for authentication. BeeHive API You can then receive each OCR detected text information of each package you process with your dimensioner machine.

Measurement API

You can save all the dimension and weight information of the measurements you made with your dimensioning system on your server. What you need to do is very easy! After registering at BeeHive, you navigate to the Measurement API on the integrations page. BeeHive API BeeHive API You can easily set the URL of your endpoint you want the data to be transmitted to, and also your username, and your password. BeeHive API You can also test the integration easily by pressing on “Send Sample” button.

ShipStation API

ShipStation is a very useful platform that allows you to manage your shipments and get the most optimal shipping price according to the size of your freight. Thanks to ShipStation, you can easily see the shipping options, prices, advantages, and disadvantages. ShipStation integration with BeeHive is quite simple. After opening an account on ShipStation, you go to the "Profile" page. BeeHive API Select the "API Settings" option from the right-hand side. You create a key with the "Generate API Key" option and add your API key information to the integration in BeeHive. BeeHive API BeeHive API You are ready!

ShipHero API

ShipHero is a warehouse management system that offers many different options to optimize your warehouse and provides real-time monitoring. After you open an account with ShipHero, you need to create an API token from the settings section. BeeHive API BeeHive API Then you enter this API token in the ShipHero API in the integrations tab in BeeHive. BeeHive API You are ready!

BeeHive is a customer-oriented system that grows with new features day by day. It works fully integrated with BeeVision devices and facilitates your measurement process. With BeeHive, you can increase your warehouse efficiency by 30%! You can visit our website to get information about our products. - For detailed information, please drop an email to info@beevision.ai

To review our products and get detailed information about dimensioners, you can check our products page and you can send an e-mail to info@beevision.ai to reach us.