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Overview of Sorter Systems: Types and Applications

What is Sorter?

In logistics and e-commerce sectors, efficient use of sorter systems is critical for timely delivery and accurate distribution. Sorter systems are advanced automation systems designed to manage the sorting process with speed and precision.

Sorter systems are automated solutions used to sort parcels and packages according to predefined criteria (destination, size, weight, or shipping priority). These systems are an integral part of modern supply chains and help businesses manage high volumes of parcels with minimal manual intervention.

Types of Sorter Systems

Tilt Tray Sorter System
Tilt-tray sorters consist of a series of trays that tilt to deposit parcels into designated chutes or bins. Widely used in e-commerce and retail distribution centers where various sizes and shapes of products are common. It is preferred due to its high speed and accuracy and its ability to handle various parcel sizes and weights.

Roller Belt Sorter System
This sorter uses pop-up wheels or rollers to direct parcels at specific angles. It provides flexibility in sorting different types and sizes of parcels with medium speed and accuracy. This feature makes it suitable for both large and small sorting operations.

Cross Belt Sorter System
Cross-belt sorters consist of small belts mounted on carriers that move perpendicular to the main conveyor direction, directing parcels to the correct destination. Also known as cross belts, these types of sorters are ideal for high-speed sorting operations needed in larger distribution and parcel centers. They are frequently preferred for high-efficiency operations and maintain high accuracy even at speeds exceeding 2 meters/second.

Sliding Shoe Sorter System
This type of sorter uses sliding shoes to push parcels onto designated paths from the main conveyor. This allows the sorter to handle parcels gently, reducing the risk of damage during sorting. It is therefore suitable for sorting fragile or lightweight items in retail facilities and e-commerce warehouses.

Pusher Sorter System
Pusher sorters use mechanical arms to push parcels into sorting bins from the conveyor. With a simple design, it is cost-effective for low to medium volume operations. Therefore, it is widely used in smaller facilities or for sorting heavier products.

Where are Sorter Systems Used?

Sorter systems are a cornerstone of modern logistics, providing efficiency and accuracy in parcel handling and distribution. The various types of sorters available allow businesses to choose the solutions that best meet their specific needs. From high-speed sorting in e-commerce centers to gentle handling in pharmaceutical distribution, the adoption of advanced sorter systems will continue to optimize supply chain operations and enhance customer satisfaction. The most common areas where different types of sorters are used include:

E-Commerce Fulfillment Centers
The world's largest marketplace brands and e-commerce giants use sophisticated sorter systems to manage large volumes of orders with a wide range of products. This helps streamline picking, packing, and shipping processes, shorten delivery times, and increase customer satisfaction.

Retail Distribution Centers
Retailers use sorters to efficiently and accurately distribute products to various store locations. This ensures that processes such as stock tracking, inventory management, and restocking can continue without interruption.

Parcel Distribution and Courier Centers
The world's most well-known parcel companies and postal facilities use sorters to process parcels and mail for distribution. This method, which also facilitates data collection, makes it easy to track and secure large volumes of shipments.

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