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Transition from Cubiscan to BeeVision

BeeVision vs. Cubiscan: How to make a transition from Cubiscan to BeeVision

The product you choose in parcel and pallet dimensioning and its integration into your systems are very important. There are many dimensioning systems providers (or cubiscan device providers as some may call them) in the market. We have previously touched on why you should choose BeeVision from many aspects. But what if you have been using another dimensioning system and want to switch to BeeVision? We have been asked this question many times and in this blog, we will address how you can be promoted from Cubiscan, which has a longer history in the market, to BeeVision, which is more software-advanced.

Cubiscan is a company that provides dimensioning (cubing), and weighing equipment and systems to meet your handling, shipping, and storage needs. Despite being among the first dimensioner providers, Cubiscan does not provide software-powered dimensioning systems.

BeeVision started its journey with dimensioning systems and sortation systems. For BeeVision, it has always been a priority to provide technological convenience to the customers in its products. With the help of AI and optional cloud services, it aims to help customers expand their business by automating and streamlining their inventory and shipping processes.

So, you have a Cubiscan product and you want to switch to BeeVision, how can you do that? We get that question a lot. The answer is quite simple! BeeVision devices can import the CSV of all the data you keep in Cubiscan and add it directly to BeeVision. You can easily switch from Cubiscan to BeeVision without the thought of losing your data.

If you want to keep the legacy integration methods such as file upload to an FTP drive as mostly done with Cubiscan dimensioning systems, you can do that with BeeVision too. However, we strongly recommend employing web-service-based integration for better traceability and much less maintenance.

While it is so easy to switch from Cubiscan to BeeVision, if you have thoughts about changing products, we can give you many examples that can motivate you. Some of those:

  • Users need to install the software on their PC to be able to use Cubiscan. This is a time-consuming and grueling job. It requires coordination with your IT department. BeeVision, on the other hand, does not have any external software that you need to install. It is plug&measure.
  • BeeVision is an API-oriented company. There are Measurement API, OCR Text Detection API, or pre-built integrations such as ShipStation, and ShipHero APIs offered with BeeHive Cloud. So, you can start using BeeVision devices instantly.
  • BeeVision has strong customer support. Throughout the process, our entire team carefully supports our customers. Pre-installed remote connection software makes support quick and easy.
  • Unlike Cubiscan, with BeeVision's BeeHive platform, you can keep your measurement data images as long as you like and you can visualize and analyze them collectively. In addition, it offers you more services based on your data such as Container Optimization and OCR.
  • Attaching extra information to each measurement such as SKU barcode or box barcode is very easy with BeeVision. You can add parameters with any name and the operator will be automatically asked to provide that info with every measurement.
  • Cubiscan has rather outdated and difficult-to-use user interface. BeeVision follows the innovations rapidly with the AI age.

It would not be wrong to make an analogy when comparing the differences of BeeVision, BeeVision is the Tesla of the industry as opposed to gasoline cars- except in the case of Tesla being yet too expensive. It is an accessible product for customers in terms of price, which is innovative, open to development, and with a solid vision.

If you want to get information about the Tesla-like dimensioner devices, you can visit our website. For more information, you can send an e-mail to info@beevision.ai

As in every sector, technology is rapidly advancing and growing in this sector as well. The best way to adapt to speed and process and to invest in the future is to have this technology; for example, owning a BeeVision device and using BeeHive in harmony!