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Importance of Data in Warehouse Automation

The word "data", which we have heard from many different angles recently, is of great importance for companies. The fact that companies that understand and process data correctly in the digital age are more successful cannot be ignored. In the long run, experts predict that it will change the nature of most economic activities. It should be taken into account that companies that can easily adapt to be data-driven will gain a great advantage over their competitors. Especially in the logistics sector, data usage is very important in terms of anticipating customer behavior and improving efficiency overall.


Making the collected data usable and analyzing enables important decisions about the efficiency and working systems of the companies. BeeVision offers BeeHive Cloud Platform that optimizes data collection and storage. With data automatically analyzed by BeeHive, you can boost your warehouse’s productivity by a factor of 2.


According to Harvard Business Review (HBR), the more data-based decisions companies make, the higher their financial and operational success is. In the research conducted on many sectors, the success of companies that make data-based decisions in their sector is found to be, on average, 5% more productive and 6% more profitable than their competitors. BeeVision warehouse automation products such as cubiscan devices, pallet dimensioners, or sorters act as automatic data collection points and help companies increase their efficiency.


Making sense of the resulting data differs according to the structure and needs of the company. It is very important to choose the right ones among the data, to analyze them correctly, and to use the outputs for the benefit of the company. Here, too, understanding the company well and creativity comes into play. BeeHive is designed for boosting warehouse efficiency from top-to-bottom.


Thanks to historical data, it becomes easier to analyze the situations and predict what new trends might be. Again, if we go with an example from the logistics sector; with data supplied by warehouse automation systems, you can anticipate the load and plan the number of needed vehicles months ahead.

Since each sector has its dynamics, the use of big data may differ from sector to sector. Depending on this, what kind of data will be collected and how it will be used is also changing. While e-commerce companies use this data to examine the behavior of visitors entering the site, the financial sector uses it to optimize their risk portfolios. In wholesalers and retailers, the situation is at the level of optimal pricing by following the stock unit numbers. Logistics companies, on the other hand, can use data in many different areas, from warehouse optimization to pricing.

So, how can we obtain accurate data in the logistics industry or how can we make sense of this data? This is where BeeVision and BeeHive come into play. It is much more comfortable for you to view the measurements you make with BeeVision devices and to make sense of them with BeeHive. So what does BeeHive specifically offer?

Here are 3 main reasons why you must have an LFT certified BeeVision dimensioner:

  • You can see the details of your inbound and outbound parcel or pallet dimensions and weights. You can compare different warehouses and have real-time performance comparisons. You can strengthen your process estimations with these details; like where is the address density.
  • You can access the images of your freights. You can extract the receiver name and address automatically from labels using the OCR service of BeeHive and set checks based on them.
  • With statistics, you can access details such as peak hours and busy locations. You can access your monthly measurement charts. From here, you can optimize your operations according to the results.
  • With BeeHive, you can check the status of the devices and keep your data collection systems up and running.
  • You can benefit from pre-built integrations with 3rd party software and instantly push data to your WMS or ERP
  • With the Cargo Optimizer API provided in BeeHive, you can get an optimized loading and storage order of your freight for your vehicles and containers.

BeeHive’s all features are available as API With BeeHive, you can increase your warehouse efficiency by 30%.

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