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Cubiscan dimensioner

What is cubiscan?

The process of billing freights has undergone some significant changes in recent years. In past years, metering and billing for cargo logistics was a very simple task; the customer was charged based on the weight of the shipment. As time and technology advanced, the method of shipping cost calculation has shifted to measuring length x width x height. Today, modern cargo carriers use equipments called dimensioners to determine the shipping cost. Dimensioners may also be known by the name "Cubiscan" due to their popularity in the American industry.

A dimensioner or a cubiscan is a tool that measures the volume and dimensions of an object. Knowing the volume and dimensions of a product, maximizing the shipping and warehouse space of a business; allows them to design packaging, transportation, and storage procedures to increase efficiency and profitability.

Over the last few years, the LTL industry has become increasingly size-oriented. While the previous model calculates prices by weight and class, the size model attributes more attention to the space covered by freight. The transition would be impossible without premium LTL cubiscan devices that quickly calculate the weight and size of loads in seconds.

Benefits of using a dimensioner or cubiscan to the industry and customers

First of all, cubiscan devices are automated data collection points. Using a dimensioner greatly improves shipping efficiency for shippers. Before using this equipment, LTL shippers provided their customers with a "ballpark estimate" for shipping rates based on the size of the customer's cargo, the miles or time required to transport the goods, or other cargo packed into each transport trailer. When the final invoice came to the customer, prices could have changed from the original quote due to multiple factors - but mainly due to incorrect measurements of the shipment. The dimensioner or cubiscan eliminated this variable, providing customers and LTL carriers with accurate estimates for shipping a product from one location to another. The dimensioner also helps LTL schedule and load their shipments more accurately, providing customers with better arrival forecasts and ultimately saving money for the LTL carrier.

As we mentioned above, shipping rates in the past years have varied depending on the actual weight of the package, other items in the container, and various variables beyond the shipping customer's control. In some cases, the customer would receive the invoice and have trouble understanding why the estimated fee had changed. Legacy billing methods also made it nearly impossible for companies to budget shipping costs accurately. Enabling cubiscan devices for LTL shipments provides easy and accurate shipping costs to budget.

Our aim with BeeVision is to eliminate measurement errors and, as we mentioned above, to get the maximum benefit from both parties. With BeeHive, which facilitates the storage and analysis of data, making the transportation and data interpretation part very simple for you.

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