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BeeVision Dimensioners

Provided with Volumizer:


Easiest Dimensioner Ever

BeeVision dimensioners are the simplest ways to dimension your objects. With unprecedented flexibility, you can start measuring right away without worrying about integration. Volumizer UI is inspired by modern smart-phones that everybody is accustomed to. You can even browse measurement results and view corresponding images from your phone.

Json based web service Client or Server mode

Agile WebUI

Browse results from your browser and view images

RS232 Output

Excel file download to your PC or USB-disk

Power of Real Volume

BeeVision dimensioners create surface model of objects within a fraction of a second. With Real Volume in addition to bounding-box volume, you can get an estimate of package density and irregularity. You can also get total dimensional-weight of multiple packages with single measurement using real volume and reduce your operation time/cost to a lower level than ever imagined.

Compehensive Connectivity

Comprehensive set of I/O ports and accessory support, provide you the ultimate, hassle-free connectivity. BeeVision dimensioners support Zebra barcode printers and barcode scanners out-of-the box. You can manage conveyors, buzzers, lights just with a tap on UI or from your own SW using all-powerful Volumizer API. With MODBUS extension of Volumizer API, there is no limit of what you can connect to.


Barcode Printers

Barcode Scanners

MODBUS: PLC; Conveyor Stop/Start

Buzzer and Light