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BeeVision 180 Static DWS

All-in-one static dimensioning system.


About BeeVision 180

BeeVision 180 AI Powered Dimensioning System

OK  A plug&measure cubing system for warehouses

OK  Employs legal-for-trade, OIML & MID certified BeeVision 270 dimensioner

OK  No external PC or SW required!

OK  Mobile platform on wheels

OK  Internal storage of measurement results and images

OK  Hassle-free integration with powerful API


OK  All-in-one solution: dimensioner + scale + monitor + platform + handheld barcode scanner

OK  Measure regular and irregular objects in any orientation and position

OK  Advanced software available on integrated touch-screen monitor

OK  Optional battery for 8-hour untethered operation

BeeVision 180 MID certified dimensioning system
Technology AI-Powered 3D Image Processing
Measurable Objects Cubic or Irregular Objects
Accuracy ± 0.5 cm (±0.2in)
Integration Interface Web Service or Excel-readable (XML) File Output over Ethernet or Wi-Fi, RS232
Ports Ethernet, USB, RS232
Product Output Width, Length, Height, Weight, Dimensional Weight, Real Volume
Operating Voltage 100-240 V
Average Current 4 A
Operating Temperature 5℃ - 40℃
Material Aluminum, iron and wood
Measurement Area (Platform) Dimensions 70cm x 80cm (28in x 32in)
Minimum Object Dimensions 5cm x 5cm x 5cm (2in x 2in x 2in)
Maximum Object Dimensions 80cm x 60cm x 60cm (32in x 24in x 24in)
Throughput 1000 objects per hour (limited by the operator speed not measurement speed)
Product Dimensions 70cm x 100cm x 240cm (28in x 39in x 95in)
Screen 12" Industrial Touch Screen
Barcode Scanning Handheld Laser 1D Barcode Scanner
Scale 60 kg capacity, 20 gr accuracy
Total Package Weight 115 kg
Total Package Dimensions 120cm x 90cm x 115cm (47in x 35in x 45in)
General Questions

Just drop us an email to info@beevision.ai . Please tell us also minimum and maximum object size that you would like to measure, as well as the object type and the application type: static or dynamic.

We accept bank transfer. Our bank account number is provided with offer.

BeeVision dimensioners offer you unprecendented flexibility. You can download measurement results to your PC as an Excel file. You can browse results in Volumizer UI. You can receive results via RS232 or with web-service communication via Ethernet. You do not need to install a single SW, every setting can be changed from your browser.

BeeVision dimensioners are equipped with remote access software. We can connect to your BeeVision and guide you through it.

With BeeVision API! All you need to do is to establish a web service connection to the BeeVision Dimensioner and request data and receive response. You can do this very quickly in any programming language. Our team is happy to provide you examples if you need. BeeVision devices may behave as a client and send results automatically to your database.

BeeVision 180 : Static Dimensioning System
Here is what is delivered with your BeeVision 180 dimensioners:

> BeeVision 270 Dimensioner
> Mobile platform on wheels
> Industrial 12" touch screen monitor
> Integrated scale
> Handheld barcode scanner

The platform of BeeVision 180 is produced on-demand. It generally takes 3 weeks after the purchase order until the product is shipped.

Yes, absolutely! All you have to do is to mount the pole and you are good to go!

Yes, BeeVision 180 captures images and also stores them. You can view previous measurements' images from your browser or from the monitor of the system. The image quality is good enough to determine if the right object is measured but the text on the shipment label may not be clear. Thus, it is not advised to run OCR or other similar applications on the image.