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BeeVision 200 High Performance Imager Barcode Reader

BeeVision 200 increases the barcode scan rate to higher value than industry standard brands.


About BeeVision 200

BeeVision 200 Barcode Reader

OK  Unprecedented depth-of-focus: up-to 110cm

OK  27 decodes-per-second

OK  Ideal for applications with high speed conveyors

OK  Best in-class decoding performance


OK  Beats industry standard barcode readers in decoding performance

OK  Advanced and flexible software: RS232, web-service, SQL, TCP Socket integration

OK  Change settings from your phone with web-interface

State-of-the-art fixed mount barcode reader
Supported Barcode Types Any 1D or 2D
Image Sensor (Variant-1) Sony IMX264 CMOS, 2/3”, 3.45um, Mono-color, 5MP (2448x2048)
Image Sensor (Variant-2) Sony IMX267 CMOS, 1”, 3.45um, Mono-color, 8.9MP (4096x2160)
Digital IO 2 programmable digital IO ports (5V-TTL), 1 photocoupler input, 2 photocoupler outputs (100mA/50V, one reserved for integrated-lightning)
Connectivity 1 USB3 Port, HDMI, Ethernet, RS232
Typical Depth-of-Field for Barcode Reading 70cm
Lightning 16 ultra-powerful LEDs with strobe capability
Interface UI with HDMI and WebUI via Ethernet
Filtering Flexible barcode filtering/selection
Speed Max 27 decode-per-second
Integration Features Web-Service, Direct SQL Insertion, TCP/IP, Excel-readable file sharing
Operating Voltage 24V (220V when using provided adapter)
Operating Current 0.15A for Camera, 8A (max) for lightning
Operating Temperature -40 to +80 Celcius
Product Weight 1.2 kg
Product Dimensions 15cm x 15cm x 30cm
Package Weight 8 kg
Package Dimensions 62cm x 55cm x 15cm
General Questions

Just drop us an email to info@beevision.ai . Please tell us also minimum and maximum object size as well as the barcode features such as minimum thickness.

We accept bank transfer. Our bank account number is provided with offer.

BeeVision barcode readers offer you unprecendented flexibility. You can download barcode lists to your PC as an Excel file. You can browse read results in Volumizer UI. You can receive results via RS232, TCP Socket connection, SQL insertion or with web-service communication via Ethernet. You do not need to install a single SW, every setting can be changed from your browser.

BeeVision barcode readers are equipped with remote access software. We can connect to your BeeVision and guide you through it.

With BeeVision API! All you need to do is to establish a web service connection to the BeeVision barcode reader and request data and receive response. You can do this very quickly in any programming language. Our team is happy to provide you examples if you need. BeeVision devices may behave as a client and send results automatically to your database.

BeeVision 200 : High Performance Fixed Barcode Reader
Here is what is delivered with your BeeVision 200 barcode readers:

> BeeVision 200 Barcode Reader
> Integrated Illumination
> C Mount Lens
> Mounting Bracket
> Power Adapter

BeeVision 200 is usually kept in-stock and shipped within 3 work days.

Yes, absolutely! All you have to do is to mount the device and you are good to go!